Thursday, August 21, 2008

Settling In

So after so long, we've finally made it to Graniteville, Vermont. The move didn't go as smoothly as we had planned, but we made it here in one piece. Oh well, it was our first time moving, there were things we didn't know and didn't think of, so I expect we're allowed some leniency to make mistakes. But when anything did go seriously wrong (like, ahem, having too much stuff to fit into the moving van), the Lord stepped in and everything somehow came together. I guess He thinks we were really meant to be here! :) So all the stress and worry of the last couple of months are slowly melting away and we are having such a good time adjusting to our new home. We are all unpacked (save a few things here and there) and we are getting into a good routine as well. Joey starts school this week and I find that the girl's best days to go to Mrs. Rachel's (their daycare) are Mondays and Wednesdays.
They absolutely adore their new daycare. They play outside all day long (on days weather permits) and they paint and sing songs and dance. We couldn't be happier. Plus the food she feeds them! Eggs and pancakes and homemade muffins! Joey wishes that he could go and hang out too! Sophia has a little crush there as well. His name is Sebastian and he is an older man (4 and a half). He has a younger sister named Noelle who is Emma's age and he is very protective of Sophia.
As for Joey and I, we're taking lots of walks with the girls and just getting our bearings. As I've said before, we had already found all of the important places in town (Friendlys, Dunkin' Donuts), so now we are finding the local favorites. There is this place called the Wayside Inn that's something like 100 years old. Sooooooo good! Really reasonable and the food is excellent. So that's kind of become our Que Mas here. Oh and they also sell across the parking lot an ice cream cone called Creemies. Made fresh every day, its kinda like Luv-Its.
The farmers markets are outstanding (of course) and we plan on going to some maple syrup farms and apple orchards in the fall. Around that time we get to go on a hayride too! My very first, so I am beside myself with anticipation.
We went to a little lake on Sunday that's about 45 minutes from our house and the girls had a ball. It was Emma's first time to a beach, so of course there was sand in every crevasse possible.
This Saturday we are going to a Scottish festival in Quechee (yes that's really the name) and that night, one of my favorite authors, Garrison Keillor from A Prairie Home Companion, is going to be at the Champlain Valley festival. So much to do, I can't decide between all these things!
Next weekend, we'll be in Toronto to see Nonna and staying with Aunt Joann.
Joey starts school tomorrow and gets his kids next week. His first full day is tomorrow.
Oh and.....I saw my first deer!!!! It was about time too. I moved here to see some wildlife dang it!
Anyway, that's all that's going on right now. This our first post, but its something that I hope to update a few times a week with pictures and such.
Love you all.

Some Pictures of our new place

So these are some pictures that were taken in the last couple of weeks. We'll post more as we take them. We will be taking lots so don't worry about missing a thing! :)